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Top 10 FinTech Companies In UK - 2020

Today’s financial landscape in UK is inundated with increasing regulatory requirements, intensive competition, security risks, information management, and data quality challenges. How can banks navigate this landscape while continuing to profit and grow? The answer to this is Fintech. As headline-grabbing traditional banking approach struggle to find their feet, a crop of innovative and exciting fintech is already racing to market.

Customers, today, are looking for an elevated banking experience that cuts the waiting time and jumps to the front of the queue without any delay. Such a demand from the users has pushed banks to rethink their operating strategy, thereby compelling them to introduce techniques that allow for personalized solutions and services.

Artificial intelligence and voice interfaces will continue to dominate fintech in new ways while emerging markets are producing smart and simple financial solutions at an impressive scale. Shift to the cloud is yet another major disruptor in the current fintech scenario in UK. Banks and financial institutions are leveraging the benefits of the cloud in multiple ways to accommodate their ever-growing business and also stay secure while expanding.

There are many other techniques and initiatives that are constantly being launched by banks across Europe and UK to keep up with the changing customer demands and fintech market. This edition of CFO Tech Outlook sheds light on some of the fintech solution and service providers that are innovating their offerings to align with the changing market scenario. CFO Tech Outlook has compiled a list of top 10 Fintech Solution and Service Providers in the UK 2020 that are transforming the fintech space by bringing their revolutionary ideas at the forefront.

    Top FinTech Companies In UK

  • CASHOFF is a fintech with cutting edge solutions to help banks stay on top of recent technological innovations and be ahead of the curve. Started in 2013, CASHOFF puts banks' customer data to the maximum effect by leveraging the modern cognitive technology tools, driving banks towards a more customer-focused approach. The company's solutions help banks unlock their potential in web and mobile applications and provide a new range of banking services to their customers and improve their experience. On the other hand, the company saves the banking customers from the long and mundane queues, allowing them to enjoy a plethora of banking services at the comfort of their homes with the help of their banks' mobile and web applications

  • Having been in the digital banking industry for over a decade, Scientia, a UK-based IT and FinTech consulting firm, is well-positioned to help Banks and financial institutions craft their digital strategies to achieve the full potential of digital transformation. As a “boutique” company, Scientia delivers digital Banking market intelligence called FinTech Insights (FI), a subscription-based online research platform that analyses, measures, and compares digital banking and FinTech offerings worldwide. The company also develops regulator-compliant documentation for the most complex banking solutions while creating a live web-based documentation repository to help serve Bank IT’s next development projects. Scientia also specializes in designing and constructing niche digital banking applications allowing Banks improving their customer experience

  • AllianceBlock


    AllianceBlock is an AI-powered decentralized ecosystem that allows corporates - selected, rated, and advised by the community- to quickly, cheaply, and safely raise funds - whether it be equity, debt, or digital securities. The company is simplifying capital markets by building a Decentralized Finance Ecosystem and is disrupting the investment banking model. AllianceBlock’s ‘DeFi Ecosystem’ is designed as a multi-sided platform that enables its members to issue, transfer, and own tokenized and/or digitized assets. AllianceBlock is driven by a team with vast experience and expertise in finance, capital markets, technology, and regulatory frameworks

  • Aptitude Software

    Aptitude Software

    Aptitude Software delivers specialist financial applications to equip Chief Financial Officers to fulfill their strategies and ambitions. As a global financial software specialist, Aptitude equips CFOs, of the world’s largest organizations, with competitive advantages by streamlining and automating financial accounting processes and enabling faster actionable insights. The company’s proprietary software supports businesses with combined revenues approaching $1 trillion and over 500 million end customers. The company’s finance experts develop finance-centric solutions to control and automate a complex accounting process, which enables its customers to free time from traditional accounting roles and inject rich data and insights into their businesses

  • Broadway Technology

    Broadway Technology

    Broadway Technology is a software company that builds and sells low-latency distributed systems, primarily for use in financial applications like trading bonds, fiat currencies, and cryptocurrencies. The company’s proprietary software platform is an open, flexible, complete solution for screen and automated trading operations of any size and complexity. Broadway’s software has powered the world’s most critical systems at top financial institutions and controls well over $125 trillion in business annually across five continents. The company focuses on creating solutions that solve its clients’ immediate needs, yet can evolve and scale as needs change

  • CreativeCFO


    Creative CFO provides business owners with strategic financial tools and services to plan, structure, invest, and grow. The company implements the best cloud-based financial software to provide a solid foundation for your business growth. Creative CFO provides accounting services to cover tax submissions as well as advice on financial queries relevant to your business. The company also offers a range of valuation, budgeting, gap analysis, and investment readiness services to assist with raising additional financing in the industry. Creative CFO’s mission is to create a world-class professional platform that provides businesses with financial clarity, peace of mind, and tremendous growth opportunities

  • IFX Payments

    IFX Payments

    IFX Payments is a leading global foreign exchange, payment and financial technology provider. The company is positioned to be a significant participant in the new banking paradigm delivering advanced payment, treasury and financial management solutions. IFX replaces operational inefficiency with streamlined processes and replace uncertainty with control. The company’s fully automated API, comprising of an extensive suite of enterprise-ready payment and reporting solutions are built to seamlessly integrate with its clients existing systems for straight-through processing and improved efficiency. IFX’s cross-border payment solutions enable businesses to streamline large-scale payments in over 90 currencies to more than 120 countries without having to maintain local currency accounts

  • MyBucks


    MyBucks is a FinTech company based in Luxembourg that delivers seamless financial services through technology. Through its brands GetBucks, GetSure, New Finance Bank, and Fairgo Finance, the company offers impact loans, unsecured credit, banking solutions as well as insurance products to customers. MyBucks has experienced exponential growth since its inception in 2011 and today has operations in eleven African and one European country as well as in Australia. The company aims to ensure that its product offering is accessible, simple, and trustworthy, in comparison to traditional, non-technological methods, working towards enhancing the benefits to the customer. The MyBucks’ product offering enables customers to manage their financial affairs quickly and conveniently

  • OptiRisk Systems

    OptiRisk Systems

    OptiRisk specializes in optimization and risk analytics and is renowned for its research and development of models and software systems in these domains. The company serves customers across a number of business sectors, including finance, defense, transportation, and supply chain logistics. OptiRisk Systems also offers products and services in the area of Optimization, Risk Modelling, Portfolio Planning, Asset and Liability Management, Supply Chain Management, Strategic & Tactical Management, Scheduling of Transport Assets. The company has a track record of successfully delivering tailored applications in finance, logistics, and energy systems

  • Zanders


    Zanders is recognized as a leading consultancy firm in treasury, risk, and finance. With a team of over 150 qualified professionals, the business offers global services to corporations, financial institutions, organizations in the public sector, and NGOs. Treasury management, risk management, treasury and risk technology, corporate finance and capital markets, consulting, advisory, cash management, valuation, and SAP are some of the business’s key offerings. The organization fosters an energetic environment to spur the ambition and passion of its teams, employees, and people