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AWEPay: Bolstering Fintech With A Focus On Accountability

Top 10 FinTech Solution Companies in Europe - 2021

Today, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the global economic volatility, the financial landscape is witnessing a rise in stringent regulatory mandates with respect to data security and privacy, as well as data quality. As a result, banks and other financial institutions are once more looking toward FinTechs to develop solutions that will help them in traversing the evolving finance arena and ensure business continuity and growth.

Currently, the financial space is leveraging FinTechs and their solutions powered by business intelligence (BI), AI, machine learning, blockchain, and more, to further enhance the flexibility and security of customer interactions and decision making. Furthermore, as the pandemic shifts customer behaviour from legacy, face-to-face processes to the usage of digital solutions, financial institutions are deploying emerging FinTech solutions that enable better and more secure mobile payments and other seamless avenues that are poised to boost efficiencies and enhance visibility while ensuring that bankers and customers remain safe from the coronavirus outbreak.

To assist CIOs in choosing the right FinTech partner based on their organisational needs, a panel has assessed scores of FinTech solution providers in the Europe at large, and picked out a list of prime choices. We have considered the vendor’s ability in designing and building FinTech solutions that cater to the customer needs and the functional and productive value additions they offer to their clients.

We present to you CFO Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 FinTech Solution Providers in Europe – 2021.”

    Top FinTech Solution Companies in Europe

  • AWEpay focuses on providing absolute accountability to its clients. The company provides the best fintech solutions tailored to the needs of the industry to drive productivity and innovation. AWEpay leverages the innovation of automation to the fullest alongside several API integration capabilities to design its solutions. The company, over the years, has spared no expense to ensure that their client’s businesses are always run without unwarranted interventions or downtime. The automated systems are constantly re-engineered with the latest technological advancements in the payments industry to constantly stay ahead of the massive competition

  • Nyctale addresses the poor readability of blockchain transactions by developing advanced analytics tools to analyse usages, measure value, and control money flow on blockchain networks. The company delivers investment decision-aiding tools, due diligence solutions, quantitative financial analytics tools, and qualitative business insights to entrepreneurs and private and public financial institutions. These advanced modelling tools monitor investment and usage behaviours to serve the evolving needs of the blockchain industry. It aims at a market leader for analytics on crypto-assets, delivering valuable data and high-quality insights to this emerging industry

  • Back in 2012, when SENLA was founded, its goal was to become a full-cycle developer whose commitment to technological excellence would not sideline humanity, honesty and harmony. Staying true to this objective for years, the company today operates as an enterprise software development company with more than 400 developers and offices in five European countries. At its core, SENLA offers enterprise software development services to businesses that want to leverage the latest technological solutions and boost profits or scale. Having strong expertise in UI/UX, SENLA’s mission in the development process is to make its application not only technically perfect but also convenient to promote brand values and image

  • Helping companies get onto the “financial automation” bandwagon is Trintech, a pioneer of Financial Corporate Performance Management (FCPM) software. At its core, the company combines unmatched technical and financial expertise to create innovative, cloud-based software solutions that deliver world-class financial operations and insights. Powered by Trintech’s Cadency Platform, CadencyDirect is now available to ServiceNow’s customers for a complete digital workflow across an enterprise. With CadencyDirect, Trintech aims to play an integral role in facilitating that interdependence with the next generation of Enterprise platforms. The company brings unparalleled Office of Finance experience while ServiceNow brings its broader Digital Workflow and Now® platform for enablement across the entire Enterprise organization

  • Bankify


    Bankify aims to impact the financial life of millennials worldwide by encouraging smart financial choices in its users’ day-to-day lives. The company deliver this through the innovative, user-centric, and engaging microservices, which is simple for customers to integrate to their existing digital banking products. With over 20,000 users in 10 different markets, Bankify is an expert in the digital-native segment that grew up with a smartphone in hand. Bankify offers a set of microservices tailored to Millennials, which are designed to improve the user experience of its partners’ digital/mobile banking solutions. With features including micro saving and group payments, its products have a proven track record of increasing consumer engagement through personalisation, education and social sharing

  • Bankingblocks


    Bankingblocks provides wholesale, modular payment solutions to fintech through regulated industry partners. Bankingblocks offers multi-currency IBANs, SEPA and SWIFT payments, Visa, MasterCard and Carte Bancaire direct acquiring, Amex, JCB and Discover processing, payout solutions along with a wide variety of alternative payment methods, foreign exchange, clearing, card issuing and more through its network of regulated partners



    CASHOFF provide data solutions for more than 50+ banks and FMCG companies worldwide. Based upon Big Data and AI technologies we aid customer acquisition, engagement and loyalty via Data Aggregation, Data Analysis and bespoke data solutions. Founded in 2013, CASHOFF has it’s HQ in London (Level 39), a strategic centre in Hong Kong (Cyberport) and development hub in Moscow. Deloitte lists CASHOFF as a Top 10 Fintech Company and in 2019 we were acknowledged by KPMG with Digital Innovation Award. Silicon Review named us as one of the 30 Best Asian IT Companies. CFO Tech Outlook named CASHOFF as a Top 10 fintech service company UK 2020

  • Finartz


    Finartz a fintech company creating innovative solutions for cashless society, consisting a team of highly skilled and young innovators, who are committed to serving the ever-changing needs of people and the businesses with a fresh mind and innovative solutions. Finartz believe that building trusted networks will not only empower individuals and communities but also the companies of today, who will be visionary enough to redefine their business by using the means of this revolutionary technology instead of waiting it to come and replace them

  • planfocus software

    planfocus software

    planfocus empowers financial institutions, cash service providers, and retailers across the world by enhancing process optimisation and reducing costs throughout the cash supply chain. planfocus’ CCO, a market-leading cash supply chain solution suite, offers financial institutions a high-performance, multivendor cash management solution to better plan, monitor, and execute in the cash supply chain. By using advanced forecasting algorithms, the solution accurately predicts cash requirements or surplus and computes optimal replenishment cycles for all types of cash points such as ATMs, bank branches, cash recycling systems, deposit machines, teller cash recyclers, POS workstations, and cash centres. At the same time, CCO helps make cash processes and their cost structures transparent and thus continuously provides guidance to take for further optimisation steps

  • Teamogy


    Teamogy is cloud system for the entire team and user friendly solution, easy to implement. Teamogy saves its clients' time and money, helping them to increase profit. It offers proven solution for all professional services companies - communication agencies, design studios, architects, advisors and consultants and lawyers. The company had introduced the first system for management and administration agencies to the market in 1999. Since then Teamogy have been listening to what clients wants